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Aquael Spares, Parts & Filter Sponges

Welcome to your terrific online source for all Aquael spares, parts and media
Over the last thirty years, Aquael has built up a terrific reputation for manufacturing everything you need to build or maintain your freshwater, coldwater, marine aquarium or garden pond. As a UK leader in the provision of such vital supplies, we are delighted to be your Aquael Approved Dealer, and to be able to offer this huge range of quality Aquael spares and parts at such terrific prices – and remember that delivery is free on all orders over just £40.

How can we help you?

Whether you are already an experienced fish-keeper, or now looking to start out with this fascinating and rewarding hobby, our extensive stock of Aquael spares and parts will allow us to become your reliable go-to source for this terrific range of products.

Fish Fish Fish are here to help you to keep your fish in tip-top condition

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With more than seventy different types of Aquael spares and parts in stock at any one time, we expect to be able to supply exactly what you need at really competitive prices with speedy delivery. Here are just some examples of our extensive ranges and the problems they can solve: 

• If you are looking to deal with biological or mechanical contamination, it’s important to regularly replace the sponges, foams or media in your filters to make sure of top performance in vital particle removal

• To make sure you maintain important optimal lux values in your aquarium lighting system, experts recommend that you replace Econoline least every nine months

• We provide an extensive range of lamps, light units and bulbs for all sizes of aquariums and tanks. These are easy to install and offer energy efficient lighting; this is increased when reflectors are included in the set

• Our replacement hoods and light units are available in a range of sizes and both rectangular and bow shapes to fit your needs. Each hood is also fitted with a UK plug, replacement light unit, and an easy-to-use feeding hatch

• Due to the constant demands on it, your impellor gradually wears out. It’s recommended that you replace it on a regular basis to make sure you always gain the best performance from your filter
• Circulators, such as the 350+, are designed to provide both highly efficient water circulation and vital oxygenation. Equipped with both water and air flow adjustments, these can also be used to power both your bio and undergravel filters 

How else can we help? 

Our wide range of Aquael products also include glass separators, filters, suckers, suction cups, Decolights, and so much more. Simply click on whatever you need below for quick and efficient delivery – and remember it’s free for all orders over just £35! 

In the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you need, or have any questions you’d like to ask our friendly and experienced Aquael Spares Specialist Team, just call 01799 550 943 and we’ll always try to offer help and advice.

If you can't see the spare part listed you're looking for and it is a spare part Aquael manufacture, we can get it for you!

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