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What Do Koi Eat

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What do koi eat? Koi Fish need different nutritional needs throughout the year. When the weather warms your Koi will be more active and require more food and more regular feeding – at least twice a day. When the weather cools, your Koi will need less as they will be unable to digest the food.

When selecting your Koi food, look at the ingredients and aim for food that is higher in protein and has Fish, Fish Meal and other Fish products as the top ingredients. Koi Food that has ‘corn’ as a main ingredient should be avoided as corn is used to bulk out food and can lead to unhealthy and overweight Koi.

During the seasons your Koi will like different food.

Winter months, when the temperature is below 10◦ Celsius they won’t require feeding. Between 10◦-15◦ Celsius they will like a little amount of food. Over 15◦ Celsius, your Koi will simply love food!

As Koi do not have stomachs they won’t ever feel full. They will therefore eat whatever is given to them and this can lead to overfeeding. Overfeeding your Koi will case an over accumulation of waste which in turn will pollute your Pond Water.

Moving into later Spring and into Summer when the water temperature is above 15◦ Celsius, you can now feed them high protein food such as NT Labs Probiotic, Beauty or Health foods to ensure that your Koi get high quality food during the growing season. These foods will also help enhance the colouring on your Koi Fish.

Your Koi  will love treats such as shrimp (cut up or available as shrimp balls), watermelon, oranges and most greens and vegetables. Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C used for ailing fish.

At the end of summer, you’ll need to cut back on the food you feed as the water temperature begins to drop. Once this goes below 15◦ Celsius move onto Wheatgerm based foods until the temperature reaches about 8◦ Celsius when you should stop feeding altogether.

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