Pond Fittings, Flexible Pipework And Connectors

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Pond Fittings, Flexible Pipework And Connectors
Good quality Pond Fittings are key in ensuring your water doesn't leak and gets to where you need it.

We have a great range of Pond Accessories to help you overcome every pond construction or garden pond maintenance project.

Whether you need flexible pipework and fittings or solvent weld fixtures, clips, connectors or valves we have something to fix every problem that you will encounter.
1.25" Easy Straight Connector
1.25" Rubber flexible connector joiner suitable for solvent or flexible hose.
1.5" - 1.25" Easy Connector Reducer
Flexible Rubber Reducing connector.
1.5" Liner Connector
1.5" Pond Liner Connector
2" Easy End Cap
Rubber end cap for solvent or ribbed hose. Simple to fit.
2" Easy Tee
2" flexible rubber connector for connecting onlo solvent weld or flexible pipework.
4" Easy End Cap
Rubber End Cap 4". Simple to install, screw to tighten.
4" Straight Connector
4" Solvent Weld Pipe Connector
4" Tee Pice
solvent Weld Pipe 4" Tee Piece