Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our privacy policy to reflect the changes in data-protection laws.

Why do we have a Privacy Policy

We are under a legal obligation to let you know what personal information we collect about you, what we use it for and on what basis.

We always need a good reason and we also have to explain to you your rights in relation to that information.

The reasons we collect information are set out in this privacy policy. We want you to be confident that we will keep it secure and use it both lawfully and ethically, respecting your privacy at all times.

But whatever we do with your information, we need a legal basis for doing it. We only collect your personal data when you have placed an order for goods or services with us. We are entitled to process your information so that we can provide the goods or services to you, bill you for it or contact you for delivery/service provision.

You have the right to know what information we hold about you and to have a copy of it, and you can ask us to change or sometimes delete it.

Our Privacy Policy

Please read the policy carefully as it applies to our consumer, sole trader and partnership customers but doesn’t apply to information we hold about companies or organisations.

It also applies even if you’re not one of our customers and you interact with us as part of running our business, such as by:

If you need to give us personal information about someone else in relation to our products and services, the privacy policy will also apply. And if we need the permission of the other person to use that information, we’ll ask you to check they are OK with this.

What’s not included

This policy doesn’t apply to information about our employees or shareholders. It also doesn’t cover other companies or organisations collecting and using your personal information to offer relevant online advertisements to you. Read our cookie policy for information about how we use cookies on our website.

You can link to other organisations’ websites, apps, products, services and social media from our websites. This privacy policy doesn’t apply to how those other organisations use your personal information.

You should review their privacy policies before giving them your personal information.

Who are we?

At Corsto Ltd, we’re part of a larger group – the Corsto Group. Some other companies and parts of the Corsto Group have their own separate privacy policies. And they’ll apply if you buy your product or service direct from them.

Corsto Web Design Ltd

Corsto Direct Ltd

We review our privacy policy regularly. It was last updated on 18th May 2018.

Accessing and updating how we use your information

You can access and update the information we hold about you by contacting us. Once we’ve looked at your request, we’ll let you know when you can expect to hear from us.

We’ll always try to help you with your request but we can refuse if we believe doing so would have a negative effect on others or the current laws prevents us.

Even though we have to complete your request free of charge, we are allowed to reject requests if

If that’s the case, we’ll explain why we believe we don’t have to fulfil the request.

Want a copy of the information we hold about you?

If you want a copy of your billing information, log in to your account or email us and we’ll send it to you. (You must be the account holder to ask for this information.)

If you want to see what contact information we hold about you, you can also log in to your account.

You can ask us for a copy of the information we hold about you by contacting us.

We’ll reply electronically unless you ask us to send the information by post.

Concerned about what we’re doing with your personal information?

You can ask us to correct, complete, delete or stop using any personal information

we hold about you by contacting us via email or post.

If you want us to stop using personal information we’ve collected via cookies on our website or apps, you should either change your cookie settings for your app or in your browser settings.

In some cases, we might decide to keep information, even if you ask us not to. This would only be for legal or regulatory reasons, so that we can keep providing our products and services, or for another legitimate reason. For example, we keep certain billing information to show we have charged you correctly.

Where we can, we’ll confirm any changes.

What kinds of personal information do we collect and how do we use it?

The personal information we collect depends on the products and services you have purchased from us.

We’ll use your personal information to provide you with products and services. This applies when you register for or buy a product or service from us or if you register for an online account with us or sign up to our loyalty scheme.

This means we’ll:

We use the following to provide products and services and manage your account:

We use this information to carry out our contract and provide products or services to you.

 To meet our legal and obligatory requirements

We might have to release personal information about you to meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

To law enforcement agencies

Under investigatory powers legislation, we might have to share personal information about you to government and law-enforcement agencies, such as the police, to help detect and stop crime or prosecute offenders.

They might ask for the following details.

The balance between privacy and investigatory powers is challenging. We’ll only share personal information about you where we have to legally share it with another person. That might be when a law says we have to share that information or because of a court order.

Who do we share information with and why

We share your personal information with other companies within Corsto Group.

We also use other service providers to process personal information on our behalf only in fulfilling product or services to you.

Using other service providers

We use other providers to carry out fulfilment of products or services on our behalf to you and to process payment transactions.

Where we use another organisation we still control your personal information and we have strict controls in place to make sure your information is properly protected.

Protecting your information and how long we keep it

We have strict measures to protect your personal information by use of password and encryption.

We’ll keep:

In other cases we’ll store personal information for the periods needed for the purposes for which the information was collected or for which it is to be further processed. Sometimes we’ll keep it for longer if we need to by law. Otherwise we delete it.

How to contact us

You can get in touch with us by email –

Or write to us at


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